quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Fractal Poetry


chance, fate, choice,
mathematics, ghosts,

& love sweeter than young lovers dreams

the sacred turquoise & golden filligree

are my banner forever more
the ocean beckons me...

come home, come back...
to me, my love, my,
sacred dove, my,
perfect glove, the,
heavens above open
like the half-pearled
gates of mystery.

come home to me, she sang
& the wayward love of
Persephone chided him
& he
wept the tears of
the oceans' storm,

and bawled a boxing day tsunami

Christ, Poseidon, Neptune,

the fallen lovers quarrel
until the end of the world
is nigh, then the twins
can somehow rescue
by the tale of Pollux & Castor,
for they are not themselves twins,
but Pollux's twin sister,
Hellen of Troy,
& the twin of Castor,
sweet Clytemnestra,

were twins within twins

so how did the ancients know
that Pollux itself is a twin star?

and Castor
is a pair of twins too

with another set of twin red dwarf stars,
mostly feint & hidden, far
snuggled in the distance

their names are Leda, the mother of this brood,
and, the old Cuckold himself, False Zeus
who most likely
in the courts of Olympus
was by the Spartan, Tyndareus, sued.

Hera, I weep with thee,
on perfect crescent moonlit

Allah save us from
the fickle flirts that destroy
the might of Kings

with honeyed skies,
with wine & skirts,
tempting, teasing,
large black eyes,

no mere warrior's sword
can inflict such fatal hurts
as broken lovers word;
she lies... she lurks.

5 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Deliciosa poesia!!!

Anónimo disse...

Parebéns imagem e pela escolha poética! Um bom final se semana para voçê.

Yara Nunes.

djhasd disse...

a imagem ta mt, mt, mt boa!

Lyra disse...

Muito obrigada! Suponho que também gostas de fractais :O)

Volta sempre!

John disse...

Nice poetry Lyra. I'm impressed by anyone who takes the time to write poems these days :-)